The end is nigh …

Wednesday sees the culmination of the 2010 MDG Summit. As such this is the time when the remaining big hitters will be around.

President Obama is due to speak on Wednesday and the Secretary General of the United Nations will launch the much hyped Global Strategy on women and children’s health We already know what the US think of the MDGs thanks to the release of the “CELEBRATE, INNOVATE & SUSTAIN Toward 2015 and Beyond: The United States’ Strategy for Meeting the Millennium Development Goals”. As for the Secretary-General’s Global Strategy, well there seems to have been a lot of work going on behind the scenes to drum up support and pledges for this initiative. As such we have heard of a few countries that have said they will support it with large sums of money. The UN Foundation too has promised it will support the Global Strategy with a pledge of US$400 million. NGOs too have made a number of commitments to the Global Strategy and IPPF commitments can be found here.

By this time tomorrow we will know exactly what has been pledged and keeping track of what has been promised will be an important part of any post-Summit accountability exercise.

Tomorrow also sees Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg deliver the UK’s statement to the Summit. Prior to that, IPPF as part of a BOND delegation will visit the DPM to get across our final thoughts and comments about how the Summit has gone and the line that the DPM should take, maybe not just here in New York, but afterwards too.

However, it would appear that there is little real opportunity to influence the UK’s Summit statement as part of it looks to have been leaked to the Guardian newspaper already. And if what it says is true, and what we hear from sources very close to the horses mouth is confirmed, then I don’t think there will be too many people in the reproductive health community that will complain, well not too loudly anyway.  

In other news, and apart from having countless meetings with some extremely interesting civil servants, politicians and UN agencies today I continue to keep on bumping into an eclectic mix of famous faces. This time Bob Geldof walking by on the street, and then Madeline Albright hugging people in a hotel bar. It can only be New York.

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