CSOs under the table

The statements made by Civil Society Organizations  (CSOs) at the 6 MDG Summit Roundtables have been put up on line. But not so the speeches made by Member States.

The Roundtables were more or less the only forum by which civil society could participate at the Summit. However, even then CSOs were not always able to participate in any meaningful way. This was especially the case in Roundtable 1 where only 1 NGO out of the 4 was given the opportunity to speak. And on other Roundtables, some CSOs that did manage to speak were asked to cut their speeches from 3 minutes to just 1 – because Member States had not been able to keep to the 5 minute rule.

The 6 Round Tables focussed on the following themes:

Roundtable 1: Addressing the challenge of poverty, hunger and gender equality
Roundtable 2: Meeting the goals of health and education
Roundtable 3: Promoting sustainable development
Roundtable 4: Addressing emerging issues and evolving approaches
Roundtable 5: Addressing the special needs of the most vulnerable
Roundtable 6: Widening and strengthening partnerships

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