UK Summit related news

As for Summit related news from the UK, well we now know that Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg will lead the UK Delegation to the Summit and will be accompanied by Secretary of State for International Development, Andrew Mitchell MP. Clegg will deliver the UK’s speech at the Summit as Prime Minister Cameron is on paternity leave (following the birth of daughter Florence) but is also mourning the recent death of his father Ian Donald Cameron.

The UK statement at the Summit is scheduled to be delivered during the afternoon of Wednesday 22 September and from what we hear DPM Clegg will say something along the lines of “the choice of women should be at the centre of development programmes”. Good news if that’s what is delivered, though something even stronger would be preferred.

What else, ah yes, Clegg is likely to be there for one day only but Mitchell is down for the duration. He will be participating in side events including an important one on Malaria. Mitchell will also be attending the launch of the Secretary General’s Global Strategy on Women and Children’s Health and participating along with 50 others at¬†Round Table 4 focusing on “Addressing emerging issues and evolving approaches”

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